Detects, Tracks and Guarantees disinfection interventions.
Checks and Records the air quality.


The employee proceeds with the DISINFECTION intervention


SANO3 detects WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and by WHOM the service was done


The system tracks all the activities and authenticates them via BLOCKCHAIN


The USER receives the automatic REPORT in REAL TIME

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How does SANO3 work?

The system uses a box equipped with various sensors, including an ozone detector, and connected to the central server via WiFi / Mobile network.
When the attendant passes, the box detects the operator's data via an RFID chip, verifies the presence of ozone or the performance of other activities, and automatically updates a log in the cloud.

SANO3 guarantees the physical presences of the operator and of the disinfection actual performance.


SANO3 keeps the purity of the air
under control.

A special sensor detects the amount of CO2 present in the environment and warns people
when a change of air is necessary.


Who is SANO3 for?

Accommodation facilities , health facilities , public and private offices, schools, sport centers, commercial activities.

SANO3 offers benefits at all levels.

The disinfection company proves that the task has been carried out diligently, besides tracing the personnel employed and the products used.

The company or the Manager can be certain that all the required health measures have been adopted, keeping track of them in the event of potential disputes. They are also relieved of the burden of checking and manually drafting paper records.

The end user, whether a worker, a customer of a facility, or the parent of a pupil, perceives more safety and can check any time the situation of the place where he is by using his smartphone.


The Blockchain is a digital register in which the information, once entered, can no longer be modified in any way and can be publicly verified.

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