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SMT Technology

Latest generation SMT lines are available in the SMT department that can assemble up to 450k components/h.
The technology of the systems allows the assembly of components (chips) with 01005 dimensions, size 42mmx42mm active components with a maximum height of 15 mm and electromechanical components with a maximum length of 17 cm.
The welding process employs equipped with 12-zones convection ovens, with 2 additional zones prepared for nitrogen inertization.

The quality of the process is guaranteed by:
– A cleaning machine designed specifically to remove contaminations from the bare boards.
– Screen printing machines equipped with 2D control of the stenciling deposit of the solder paste and automatic cleaning of the stencil with automatic glue dot dispensing.
– A 3D SPI (Solder Paste Inspection) system, able to determine the thickness and volume of the solder paste, the planarity of the circuit and the wear of the silk-screen frame.
– An out-of-line Automatic Optical Inspection Machine (A.O.I) capable of defining process errors, including incorrect or missing components, incorrect positioning, raised pins, welding defects, etc.
– A 3D post-reflow in-line automatic optical inspection system that guarantees a high level of inspection reliability thanks to the combined use of the orthogonal chamber and the Moiré floodlights. It is a powerful tool for process certification.

PTH Technology

The PTH department is equipped with the following:
– Vitronics Soltec DELTA X wave welder with tin level sensor.
– IEMME wave welder equipped with automatic pcb transport line and automatic return of pallets to the operator’s station, dedicated to tin-lead welding processes (SnPb).
– ELECTROVERT wave welder prepared with nitrogen for PCB welding in an inert environment, equipped with automatic pcb transport line and automatic return of pallets to the operator’s station.
– Automatic optical inspection machine for boards assembled in PTH technology.
– Axial components sequencer machines.
– Automatic insertion of PTH axial and radial components.
– ZEVA Vitronics SOLTEC selective welder with electromagnetic well, equipped with a programmable wave height control system and a nitrogen delivery system on the wave which reduces the risk of pin short circuits.
– Nordson Asymtek Conformal Coating automatic line consisting of a loader/unloader system, a machine for dispensing protective film and a polymerization oven.

ICT and Functional Test Department

The department is equipped with mobile probe and needle bed systems that allow testing of each electronic board both for small series or prototyping and for large production volumes.
All the ICT systems allow to carry out tests from the simple MDA of passive components up to tests with powered boards and functional tests.
The devices are also equipped with hybrid/analog channels able to manage capacitive probes for the OPEN-FIX test, i.e. the verification of the welding of complex components (BGA, QFP, QFN, …).
ELETTRONICA CENTRO ITALIA is also able to develop and create custom functional test benches for its customers, to provide the maximum guarantee of conformity of their productions.

X-Ray controls and Rework systems for complex components

The Company has two X-Ray inspection systems with a micro 3D viewer based on a Tomo-synthesis method, which provides a complete and certified analysis of the positioning of components and welding joints.
The Rework stations in IR technology allow the rework of BGA and μBGA with controlled temperatures similar to the production processes, in order to safeguard the integrity of the components themselves and of the neighbouring components, together with the possibility of carrying out a visual inspection of the welding phase.

Repair and After-Sales Technical Assistance

ELETTRONICA CENTRO ITALIA S.r.l. offers to its customer a high level of know-how (developed in cooperation with leading customer companies in the automotive, telecommunications and measuring instruments sectors) in the repairing and regeneration of electronic equipment.

Packaging and Logistics

The company offers packaging and logistics services starting from the pure packaging phase up to the creation of specialized packaging for boards and finished devices, taking care of the packaging according to the specifications of its customers. On request, ECI carries out delivery of materials by its own means.