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High Know How

ELETTRONICA CENTRO ITALIA (E.C.I.) S.r.l. is specialized in the design, development and production of electronic circuits and devices, operating on the Italian and European markets. The company is engaged in the most diversified fields of electronics whose customers belong to a wide range of application sectors, from large productions in the telecommunications and automotive sector, to industrial and civil automation, electromedical and consumer electronic devices, etc.
ECI was born thanks to the experience of Dr. Francesco Giobbi, currently CEO of ECI, and to his passion for the electronic world. The company currently has 50 employees with a high know-how level of electronic production.

The right Technological Partner

ECI is able to support the customer in the design and engineering of electronic systems, even when the product is a concept, an initial prototype or a mature product that requires a new electronic system.

Thanks to internal skills and collaboration with various professionals, ECI is able not only to support the customer in the construction of the electronic part, but also to cooperate in the development of the finished product, identify critical issues, find innovative solutions, support testing, draw interactive graphic interfaces, take care of product documentation, etc.

Development Fields


ECI uses modern CAD systems that allows:
Drafting of diagrams (block, electric, wiring, etc.).
Circuit simulation.
Routing of printed circuit boards (PCBs).
3D generation circuit assemblies for verifying the correct mechanical integration.
Automatic generation of project documentation.


ECI is able to develop:
Embedded application 8-16-32 bit.
Embedded 32-bit applications based on ARM9 ™ and Cortex ™ A9 cores.
Applications for Personal Computers, Java and .NET.
Android App.

Application Fields

Power Supply

User Interfaces

Home Automation

LED & Lighting

Industrial Control


Marine Equipment

Motor Control

Digital Video & Image Processing

Home Appliances

Building Technology